We created Wicked Greenz in order to provide thoughtful and healthful meal options to individuals whose lives and schedules make it difficult to enjoy quality food. 

Using chef quality ingredients, combined in the most dynamically bold ways, we produce the most wicked bowls and rolls you have ever experienced. From our creative recipes, to our crisp and flavorful profiles, everything we do at Wicked Greenz is designed to show you a whole new side of healthy eating. 


Operations / Partner

Matt has been in the restaurant business for the last 20 years, finding his niche in the quick service business at Jimmy John’s under the guidance of franchise owner Chris Sedlak. Starting as a general manager and then to moving up to area manager at all Chris’ Jimmy Johns locations, Matt quickly proved his ability to develop and manage a successful operation, making him a natural fit to round out the Wicked Greenz ownership team.


Chef / Partner

Chef Justin Haifley began his career at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts. He moved to Chicago to receive extensive training at the prestigious restaurants Charlie Trotters and Tru. Joining Roy’s Chicago as Sous Chef in 2001, Justin was soon promoted to Executive Chef of Roy’s New York. His passion for food helped to lead his team at Roy’s to score a 26 in the Zagat survey and not to mention an invitation to cook at the infamous James Beard House. Most recently Justin has assisted with restaurant openings and worked as a chef consultant to train and motivate chefs for technique and presentation at the Roy’s of Hawaii.  

His performance at Roy’s of Hawaii caught the eye of some local St. Louis restauranteurs and he was given the chance to move to St. Louis and create the culinary experience and concept known as The Tavern Kitchen & Bar. The Tavern Kitchen & Bar was quickly chosen as winner of the “Best New Restaurant” award from St. Louis Magazine and ultimately earned Chef Haifley the nomination of “Best Chef Midwest” from Food & Wine Magazine.  

Chef Haifley has now found a home as the co-creator and culinary visionary behind Wicked Greenz…crafting the dynamic bowls and rolls that populate the innovative and approachable menu.


Owner / Partner

A veteran of the restaurant business, Chris’ first jump into restaurant ownership and management was in 1988, at the early age of 19. It was at this time that he owned and operated his first fast food franchise. With focus on learning the systems, operation and processes need to run a successful and profitable business, he was hooked and has since moved on to own dozens of other locations across several franchise brands.

3 years ago, Chris started looking for healthier food options that fit his increasingly busy lifestyle. Unable to find healthy options that fit his schedule, while actually tasting like real food…he did the only thing that a restauranteur would do…he decided to create it himself. 

The past 3 years has been spent searching for the right partners who shared the same vision in order to bring the Wicked Greenz concept to life. The search ended when Chris met Chef Justin Hafley and Operations expert Matt Ratz.